Remap your applications

Following up the introduction of custom environments, the same application deployed in multiple environments will now appear as one on your Sqreen dashboard.

As a seasoned Sqreen user, you might deal with one application per environment, versus one entity with multiple environments as allowed by this product release. For example, you might have "backend_production" and "backend_dev". But in reality, they are the same "backend" application.

To make them appear as one, we are introducing a migration tool.

Animated example of how to use the remapping tool

This tool lets you remap applications in different environments under the same application. Out-of-the-box, the wizard will do its best to suggest the new structure based on naming conventions in use. You can also moves them around manually to get the proper structure.

Screenshot of application selector

To get started, click on the message in the Application selector, or go to

We'd love your feedback on all this!