New design for the agent blocking page

We have updated the design of the default agent blocking page and made it clearer that users cannot access Sqreen’s customer web application.

Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 18.42.11.png

Whenever Sqreen tags a given request as malicious or when the requesting IP or user account has been flagged, the Sqreen agent will send back an error page. The main goal of this page is to inform the end users that they have been blocked and cannot access the requested page. The previous version of the page could be confusing to users, and in some cases they tried to sign up for Sqreen to get unblocked.

The new design is now available in the latest version of the Node.js, Go, and Python agents. It is coming to the other agents by 17th June!

Note: this change is only for our default blocking page. You can still redirect to a custom page in Settings if you wish.