More visibility and control on the impact of microagents on your apps

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on making it easy to install Sqreen in your applications. For many users, the process is just set and forget. However, some organizations need more transparency on what’s happening inside our microagent.

Today, we have two updates that go in this direction:

  • The first one is an improved Execution Time monitoring view. Under Settings > Performance, you now get a more detailed chart of the microagent performance over time. The overhead is broken down into different categories. You can also select the categories and percentile you want to see.
  • The second update is an option for Proactive protection and monitoring. To improve microagents, we often deploy new capabilities to a fraction of our customers before rolling them out to everyone. Most of the time, this is transparent, as the new capabilities never block any traffic. Yet, some applications can see a performance impact in some rare cases. We don’t recommend that you turn this off, unless you see an issue. This option is only available for customers with paid plans and can be toggled from the Settings