Sqreen changelog
Sqreen changelog

Improvements & bug fixes





Thanks to your feedback, we released some improvements and bug fixes. Here's a quick summary of the recent changes.


  • In the list of incidents, the security response was only displayed when the protection blocked automatically. It now also shows up for security responses you apply manually.
  • In some cases, zooming on the Incidents timeline ended with no results. This is now fixed.
  • When going back from an incident to the list of incident, the filters were lost. They are now correctly preserved.
  • We've improved the description of some incidents to make them easier to understand.
  • In the Incidents & Security Activity, IPs now have tags showing if the address is from TOR, a VPN, a proxy or a datacenter.


  • When editing an In-App WAF rule, we now highlight more precisely the fields targeted by the rule
  • In the RASP, blocking attackers was only applied to the SQL injection. Next time you turn this on, it will apply to all protections.


  • On smaller screens, it was hard to access some links in your profile menu. You can now scroll that menu to access all the links.

Let us know if you see bugs or anything that could be improved!