Important change to environments and tokens

Today we are introducing an important change to the way you connect and manage your applications with Sqreen.

Using Sqreen at all stages of your development lifecycle

Until now, you could categorize your applications in 3 stages: development, staging and production. This is useful when you have security alerts and need focus on the most important ones first.

But for some of our customers, it wasn't matching their development lifecycle. This could lead some organizations to only use Sqreen in production. Yet it can be valuable to do it at all stages of the development. Covering all the steps of the development is critical to catch security issues early, regardless of how many steps they are.

That's why were are introducing some changes to the way environments work:

  • You can now customize environments. You can create, remove, rename environments to fit your needs. The only exception being "production", which can not be changed.
  • Environments come with dedicated tokens. When connecting a new application with one of these tokens, it will be restricted to the predefined environment. This ensures that a development token can not be used to connect a production application. Your organization will get 3 new tokens by default. One for production, one for staging, one for development. Connecting your applications to Sqreen with these tokens is now the preferred method.

This change has no impact on your existing applications. Existing tokens still work. New ones will be tied to the environment they were generated for.

Screenshot of environments and tokens management

To manage your environments and associated tokens, go to Organization settings, then Environments & Tokens. For organizations with role-based access control, this feature is only available for admins.